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Handy, Accurate, and Fun

I wasn't honestly expecting much from this app, being a tarot reader of over a decade. But I was plesently surprised to find that not only were the cards amusing in their imagery and song choices, but they're quite accurate. Sometimes I have to think about it a little, and sometimes the card is more accurate than the description given, but I have enough faith in this app to replace my regular decks for a daily card. It's also a great tool for anyone learning tarot, giving a standard definition helpful for beginngers; experienced readers like myself can gain interesting insights into card meanings from the song choices and summaries. Hands down, this is the best app I ever downloaded, free or otherwise.


I am very impressed with the accuracy of the daily card! I've had it for a few months now and it's been right on day after day. If you visit the site and pay a subscription I think you'll also find their readings as accurate too. The combination of the card and the song works really well for me. Has you ever received guidance through songs? This app seems to help my channel open even more that way. Can't believe the app is free!


It is awful

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